Jan 14

Pitman Creek ~ Jeff Muse

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Sep 13

Madison, August 1 ~ Robin Chapman

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Aug 12

Hiding ~ Sandell Morse

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Aug 12

Human Hands ~ Jason M. Jones

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Aug 12

Scold ~ Arthur Diamond

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Aug 12

Watershed Burns With Lightning ~ Elizabeth Dodd

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Aug 12

Play With Matches ~ Lilah Clay


I woke up this morning

to Spanish moss hanging from the chandelier.

While I’d been asleep

pepper vines had snuck in the back window

headed for the library,

and scarlet larkspur gathered around

to mourn your old shoes

in the closet.


The outside became curious of the inside.

What do humans do in these houses?


Downstairs, bushes of coyote mint

found the light switch,

and terrorized circuitry

like a club in Dublin.


Hummingbird sage guarded the fire place

while a cluster of trembling poppies

tried to strike a match

like a skinny lot of librarians

having a go at a criminal record.


And there I was scolding plants

in my pajamas before 8 a.m.

or a proper cup of coffee.

Is this what happens to me without a dog

or children?


The wilderness invites itself in

to play with matches,

while I frantically decide which

item of furniture I don’t mind

having covered in foliage, flowers,

roots, shoots, and dirt

and renamed as the Time Out Chair.

Feb 10

Pushcart ~

Congratulations to Judy Slater!  Her story “Extra Lucky” has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

Feb 10

National Book Awards At Concordia

Concordia College, home of Ascent, enjoys a unique relationship with the National Book Foundation, presenters of the National Book Award.  Each year the College attends the award ceremony in New York, and then brings National Book Award winners and finalists to campus for a series of talks, master classes, and a large evening program.  You will find links to videos of the 2008 and 2009 evening events under the Other Forms button on top.  2008 featured Jim Shepard and Woody Holton.  2009 featured Maxine Hong Kingston and Annette Gordon-Reed.

Feb 10

More congratulations!

The University of Texas Press has published the 2009 volume of  Best of the West: New Stories from the Wide Side of the Missouri  which lists Lawrence Coates’ “Belmont” as a “Notable Western Story of the Year.”  http://www.utexas.edu/utpress/books/horbep.html